Environmental Sustainability


I believe every Seattleite, whether they have lived here for four months or forty years, takes our role as environmental stewards seriously.

We appreciate how close we are to hiking trails and campsites, and truly value our lakes, parks, and rivers. Because of this we strive to do better, and with a deep understanding of the current state of our global environment, we know we need to do more.

We have taken strides locally by banning plastic bags from grocery stores, and going straw-less. The council’s current efforts to implement legislation that will require a permit before cutting down trees within the city limits underscores commitment to our green spaces and recognizes the role our canopy plays in carbon sequestration.

To build a stronger city, we must continue to protect our natural resources and grow a greener economy.

As a leader on environmental sustainability, other cities look to our policies and follow our example.

I will work hard on the city council to:

  • Institute a congestion tax in downtown Seattle to offset carbon emissions and encourage public transit use.

  • Implement new permit requirements for the “Trees For All” program, and collaborate with Seattle Public Parks and District 4 constituents to identify green spaces in need of restoration.

  • Collaborate with city planners, economists, and other stakeholders to identify equitable solutions for carbon taxation and dividends.