Reliable Transportation and Public Safety


To build a stronger city, we must ensure all residents can move throughout our city safely and reliably.

Our district is gearing up to open two new light rail stations by 2022. We have already come a long way in terms of quality transportation for constituents, with the light rail making the commute from Husky Stadium to Capitol Hill a reliable seven-minute trip. Vision Zero is another excellent example of the good work that has been done to make our streets safer for pedestrians, bicyclists and drivers alike.

As a councilwoman for District 4, I will continue to promote reliable public transportation and safety by:

  • Partnering with King County Metro and Sound Transit to ensure constituents’ concerns and needs are being heard and accounted for with the creation and re-routing of bus lines between light-rail stations in District 4.

  • Effectively collaborating with the Mayor’s office to ensure the Executive and Legislative branches are working together and the city follows through with the Bicycle Master Plan.

  • Working with SDOT to turn citizen concern regarding lack of safe crosswalks in District 4 into action and install lights in high pedestrian traffic areas.

  • Work with King County Metro to ensure a Rapid Ride is opened on Eastlake, making the commute for D4 residents downtown easy and efficient.